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3D Dye Sub

AvianiX is proud to introduce our new 3D Subli-U-PressTM. Customers can now decorate the entire inside of dinner plates, iPhone covers, high heat plastics "directly into the plastics", coated plastics, coated metals, coated curved "photo glass", and hundreds of various 3D items. We have specialized in the decoration market of 3D sublimaiton and product decoration since 2004. We are a supplier for many of the 3D transfer films, liquid & powder coatings, printers, and inks used worldwide in this market. We are the global manufacturer and supplier, so now company in the world do can it better and for a better price. We will match every world company in 3D dye sublimation pricing. We are currently working on both smaller and larger models, both in standard units and custom builds. We also are now "rediscovering 3D Dye Sublimation" with our new NeonTack 3D Dye Sublimation inks (globally decoration for the 3D market). Email us to get more information :  info@AvianiX.com

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