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AvianiX CompuVisiPrint

  • Rediscovering the print, film, broadcast, textiles, metals fabrication, rhinestone, hot fix, embellishment methods, heat transfer, screen printing, inks, toners, and many other decoration/imaging markets all within one offset, litho, or digital print. Globally changing the print and product decoration markets.
  • Our CompuVisiPrint scan technology app
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Product Description

AvianiX introduces a worlds first.... CompuVisiPrint    nivpatlogo.jpg   "No one technology will have such a dramatic impact and influence on the printing, product imaging/decoration, packaging, and personalization/customization for many years that will match or rival CompuVisiPrint"

 Scan my TShirt (LEFT) using our Nivpat.com App  (Links Directly to our Online Content)  (www.Nivpat.com)  For IOS/Android Smartphones

     david-nivpattshirt.png          bensshirt.jpg

Our CompuVisiPrint products will be decorated with dye sublimation (including 3D dye sub), direct print, UV, toners, Ultrasol screen print inks, inkjet, and many other decoration and printing technologies, all with the principles of artificial intelligence in each and every design. The designs will be able to be accessed in their stored and updateable AI information, all within our servers using our partners patented "Computer Vision" and combination patented machine learning technology for:

- social networking   - linking real life/virtual life games   - security applications   -  packaging - licensing  -  branding  -  marketing  - labels/labeling  -  product marking  -   promotional products   -  counterfeiting   -  no more "knock off" product manufacturing  - passive/active promotion/discount campaigns  - logo recognition - logo promotion  - small businesses SEO   - conventions, corporate events, sport teams

Rediscovering the print, film, broadcast, textiles, metals fabrication, rhinestone, hot fix, embellishment methods, heat transfer, screen printing, inks, toners, and many other decoration/imaging markets all within one offset, litho, or digital print. Globally changing the print and product decoration markets.

CompuVisiPrint allows you to create many unique combinations of the same artwork by slightly altering some of its visual elements. These variations are then recognized by our smartphone app, as they do not compromise the aesthetic and the look of the artwork itself. Each and every design can be personalized for the needs of the customer.

myvansscan.jpg     ontelevisoncompuvisiprint.png                   varioustshirtdesigns.png

Our technology "IS NOT" only about TShirts.   We design and decorate onto hundreds of surfaces!!!

Scanned image of the CompuVisiPrint artwork, with our patented partners iPhone/iPad/Android application. Reads the image extremely fast and always accurate. We enhance your digital brand management through our printing, inks, and decoration/imaging technologies and expertise.

It can be applied to fashion design, logos, and many other security/anti-counterfeiting applications. The scanning of the CompuVisiPrint will work both live and off of a tv screen, computer screen, printed articles, or motion picture screen. The capture of the information within the scan can be done at a distance, even when only a portion of the image can be seen.

Now 1 design, graphic, picture, or artwork can literally say a thousand words, by the links connected to it. The links associated to any particular design can be changed over and over again. The owner of any particular print with CompuVisiPrint technology can re-direct any and all information within the print. All designs are stored in our servers and can be reprinted as needed to hundreds of different surfaces, with many different printing or decoration technologies.

Examples: 1. Artwork printed with ceramic toners on mortuary ceramics or porcelain which never fade. When the smartphone user scans the decorated product with our patented partner app, they will be linked to the person and life that is on the imaged porcelain. People will be able to add, or reminise over time within the identy of the decorated products. 2. An idea we hope to propose to StandUp2Cancer: We could have artwork created from within their logo, with slight color and other variations, that will link to one individual that has lost their life to cancer. Families and friends can go to these links connected to this one specific (say StandUp2Cancer T-Shirt), and learn and share about this person. We lost my mother Phyllis and our nephew-in-law Brian to cancer in the past few years. This would be our way of giving back to them, and many families that have lost lives to cancer.

The printing industry in both offset and digital will globally be changed by the decoration and interaction of our smart phone app users, when they scan the images created and printed into or onto the various products. The materials and surfaces are virtually endless. We will start with T-Shirts, textiles, glass, metals, and expand to billboards and various customers request. In dye sublimation, with our NeonTack inks, customers will have the widest color gamut available for product decoration.

We have started working with global brands who will have products on the market in the next few months. We hope to have personalization and licensing agreements and our API interaction with printers and decorators by the end of the year. We will start with our designs and expand as we can to work with designs and artwork.

For the past three years, our partners have worked to commercialize a revolutionary pattern recognition technology developed in conjunction with the prestigious Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). The patented technology allows the non-invasive identification and validation of any pattern (“Identifier”) on virtually any object (garment, vehicle, accessory, billboard, etc.) using a smartphone (or any connected imaging device).

Our revolutionary technology transforms analog garments, metals, glass, billboards, and hundreds of surfaces into interactive communication platforms, enabling CompuVisiPrint owners to connect with each other, share information, and receive targeted promotional messages.

CompuVisiPrint creates a unique identity for each logo, artwork, graphics, or design, allowing owners to link their profiles or other digital information to that specific product or print. Multiple designs can be linked to the same profile onto many different surfaces.

Email us for details or questions you have:  Nivpat@AvianiX.com

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