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Avianix UNO - DTS (Direct Transfer System)

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Product Description

AvianiX UNO - DTS (Direct Transfer System) / uPress 1620HD (Combo Package)




Key Features


  • Includes AvianiX UNO DTS--High Speed and High Performance Tabloid LED Printer Designed for Color Separation
  • Includes RhinoTech RhinoScreen Dry Stencil Film (10 Pack of 8.5” x 11”)
  • Includes uPress 1620HD Heat Press--16” x 20” Heavy Duty Drawer Type Heat Press Designed to Fit Standard Screens
  • Eco-Friendly System--No Chemicals, No Emulsions, No Water, No Film Positives, No Drying Time, No Darkroom and No UV Light
  • Fast and Easy 2-Step Negative Stencil to Screen Transfer Process
  • Fits Standard Sized Screen--No Special Screens Required
  • Denser Toner Imaging than Traditional Laser Printer - Provides Impenetrable Rich and Dark Blacks
  • Fast Print Speeds: Output up to 32 Pages Per Minute at High Resolution of up 1200 x 600 DPI
  • Papers are Free of BPA, Phthalates, Organotins and Contain No Organic Pollutants such as PFOS and PVC Materials
  • Drawer Type Heat Press Allows Standard Screens to be Mounted
  • Affordable and Cost Efficient Toner, Maintenance and Accessories Pricing

The AvianiX UNO DTS system is a new and revolutionary fast and easy method for imaging direct transfer screens for color separation and
screen print applications. AvianiX’s UNO DTS system is comprised of the AvianiX UNO DTS LED printer, RhinoTech’s RhinoScreen dry stencil film
and our uPress 1620HD “heavy duty” heat press. The AvianiX UNO DTS system offers a very fast and simple two step method bypassing most
of the traditional screen print workflow. The AvianiX UNO DTS system eliminates the need for chemicals, emulsion, water, film positives, drying
times, darkrooms and UV light. The AvianiX UNO DTS system uses high definition toners which provide a denser black and a high speed
printing capabilities of up to 32ppm and high resolution imaging up to 1200 x 600 dpi. In addition, the uPress 1620HD heat press offers
a 16” x 20” area with a movable drawer which allows a screen to be mounted on the platen.
AvianiX’s UNO DTS system is perfect for screen printing to plastic, wood, metal, glass, textiles, paper and board. The most common applications
for screen printing are stickers, signs, banners, t-shirts, ring binders, mouse pads, promotional items and exhibition displays.

Includes one AvianiX UNO DTS printer, a starter set of high definition toners, a 10 pack of 8.5” x 11” of RhinoTech’s RhinoScreen dry stencil
film and one uPress 1620HD heat press.

Q. What is the warranty for the UNO?
A. The UNO has a complete one-year warranty including on-site service for both Canada and the U.S. Outside of the U.S.,
a parts only warranty is offered by our distribution partners, or the unit can be returned to depot for warranty repair.

Q. How easy is the UNO to operate?
A. The printing process is much the same as a desktop printer. You can be making t-shirt transfers almost immediately.

Q. Does the UNO have any problems with printheads, have a need to change or clean printheads, or is there
any type of bulk ink system?
A. The UNO uses an LED array which is warrantied for five years. There are no printheads. Thus, there is no cleaning, no
ink clogs, no dried out printheads, no missing nozzles and no problematic bulk ink systems. And with LED technology, whether
you print one image or 5,000 images, the print will be the same.

Q. What type of computer systems can be used with the UNO?
A. UNO can be used with most popular graphics programs on the PC and Mac platforms. It's really like printing to a desktop
printer. There is no need for a exterior RIP as the UNO has an onboard Adobe RIP.

Q. What type of transfer paper can be used with the UNO?
A. Neenah offers a variety of papers which have been developed specifically for the UNO. Additionally, there are a number
of other transfer papers available for use with the UNO.

Q. What is the AvianiX UNO LED Transfer Printer and what makes it unique?
A. The AvianiX UNO is the first professional tabloid LED transfer printer developed specifically for transfers. Not only can the
printer image a full 11"x17" edge-to-edge, but the unit has eColor density and toner specifically for the toner market.
Combine these features with speed, reliability, flexibility, low cost, high resolution, ease-of-use and a one year on-site warranty
(in U.S. and Canada) and you have the price performance leader for t-shirt printing.

Q. What is the complete cost for a t-shirt printing system?
A. The AvianiX UNO itself lists for $2,195. For a complete t-shirt printing system, the cost is $2,995 including the printer, the
uPress 1620 Heat Press and OKI transfer papers.

Q. How fast does the UNO print an image?
A. The AvianiX UNO is blazing fast. It can print up to 30 letter sized images per minute, or up to 1,800 per hour.

Q. What is the approximate cost per image?
A. Although the cost of toner and transfer paper fluctuates based on the amount of toner and the size of the image, we do
offer an estimate. The cost of a transfer image, including toner and paper can range from less than $0.25 for a small logo to
less than a $1.00 for a letter size image. We base this calculation on 30% coverage on a letter size image.

Q. What is the business opportunity?
A. T-shirts generally sell for between $15-$20 each. The total cost for a t-shirt with a transfer is about $3 meaning there's
lots of profit in this process. Additionally, this printer can be used for many other applications including printing all of your
marketing materials.

Q. Does the AvianiX UNO use either sublimation or direct-to-garment technology?
A. No. The technology used by the AvianiX UNO is LED imaging technology with a toner transfer process. The AvianiX UNO offers a
far greater range of applications and capabilities than either sublimation or direct-to-garment.

Q. What process does the AvianiX UNO use?
A. The AvianiX UNO uses a toner to paper transfer process. This transfer process can be used on virtually all types of fabrics, not
just polyester or cotton in addition to hard surfaces such as mugs, glass, metal and more. The UNO is one of the most versatile
printers available for this market.

Q. What applications can the AvianiX UNO do?
A. While the AvianiX UNO was made to transfer to fabric based products including shirts and apparel, it also excels at transferring
to hard surfaces including glass, metal, ceramic and more.

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