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GO Xtreme-V Dye Sub Ink- 1 Liter

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Product Description

GO Xtreme-V Dye Sub Ink- 1 Liter       The "V" is for VALUE



Quick Overview

• A world class dye sublimation ink that features Xtreme Color, Xtreme Eco, Xtreme Dots.
• Xtreme Color--High color gamut with a capacity for producing True Blacks.
• Xtreme Eco--Meets APEO-free and Oeko-tex standards for a true environmentally friendly inks.
• Xtreme Dots--Outstanding dot gain control for a detailed dye sub color imaging.
• With 6 available color options: CMYK, Blue, Orange.
• At $119, GO Xtreme-V dye sub inks offers the best price performance in the industry.

GO Xtreme-V Dye Sub Ink- 1 Liter

  • • Xtreme Color offers brilliant and saturated colors with True Blacks
  • • Xtreme Dots provide detailed definition with outstanding dot gain control
  • • Xtreme Eco meets APEO-free and Okeo-tex® organization--Worlds toughest environmental textile standards
  • • Advanced nano-scale particles for superb runability
  • • Outstanding color gamut with the finest dye and pigment colorants available
  • • Vertical manufacturer with textile tradition
  • • Lightfastness meets all standards for high performance dye sub printing
  • • Multi-application apparel, textile and rigid imaging
  • • The "V" is for VALUE and it's the best pricing in the industry

GO Xtreme Dye Sub Inks
A world class dye sublimation ink that features Xtreme Color, Xtreme Eco, Xtreme Dots.

Xtreme Color--Outstanding Color Gamut including blacker blacks--Xtreme uses the finest dyes and pigments available and is manufactured using the worlds leading traditional textile dye providers. True blacks, brilliant colors, vivid dense images is the trademark of this ink. This black ink is the same as the one used for high end textile printing.

Xtreme Eco--Meets APEO-free and Oeko-tex® Organization adherence--Xtreme is one of the few dye sub inks which is APEO-free and also adheres to the Okeo-Tex standards for apparel printing. Many apparel manufacturers are now specifying all apparel must be APEO-free and meet Okeo-Tex standards. Both of these standards are becoming a requirement in traditional textile printing and will soon transition to dye sub inks. Xtreme meets these standards today.

Xtreme Dots--Detailed imaging--Xtreme ink uses the finest dyes, pigments, colorants, binders and carriers, which provide outstanding dot gain control. Xtreme ink provides incredibly defined, clear imaging, not offered by other manufacturers.

Only vertical ink manufacturer --Xtreme is one of the few dye sub inks in the market in which all the inks components-such as dyes, pigments, colorants, binders and carriers-come from the same source. Being totally integrated like this, allows us to specify the finest components, including dyes and pigments which provide a better quality, larger color gamut product. The dyes and pigments being used in Xtreme are also being used in traditional textile printing making this ink one of the most stable ever produced.

Nano-scale particles for runnability--Xtreme does not clog printheads due to using nano-scale particles. As one of the first manufacturers to use nano-scale technology, printhead clogging is non-existent.

Supports varied applications--Not only is Xtreme great for fabrics and apparel printing, Xtreme also provides the finest details and vivid color on many other types of materials including rigids and offer flexible materials.

GO Xtreme inks is optimized for various types of fabrics such as polyester, cotton, nylon and silk for applications such as interior decorations, retail signage, POP displays, trade show graphics, banners, flags, sportswear, apparel, casino tables, automotive seat covers, cinematic costumes, 3-D dye sublimation and many other business opportunities.

GO Xtreme Dye Sub Inks Availability: CMYK, 1 Liter $150 GO Xtreme FAQs
Q. Does Graphics One manufacture the GO Xtreme inks?
A. Graphics One (GO) works with one of the worlds largest chemical companies to produce dye sublimation ink which meets GOs quality and performance standards.

Q. Are the Xtreme inks using only dye, or does it include pigments as well?
A. GO Xtreme ink uses pigments and dyes at the same time. The definition of pigment is a colored particle that is not soluble in water, and our inks meet this definition.

Q. What does APEO-free mean?
A. APEO is an ink additive which most dye sub ink manufacturers use in their ink. Ink components which are not APEO-free (Alkylphenolethoxylates) cause environmental concerns due to their poor biodegradability and more importantly to their possible toxicity when used in textiles. While not banned in the USA, there is growing pressure on manufacturers to reduce the use of APEO when apparel comes into direct contact with skin. More importantly major textile and sporting apparel companies demand that textile ink used on their products be APEO-free. GO Xtreme is APEO-free.

Q. Why is the Oeko-Tex® Standard organization membership significant?
A. The Oeko-Tex® Standard was introduced at the beginning of the 1990s as a response to the needs of consumers and the general public for textiles which posed no risk to health. -Poison in textiles- and other negative headlines were widespread at that time and branded virtually all chemicals used in textile manufacturing as negative and dangerous to health. The Oeko-Tex® Standard was developed globally as a uniform testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. The manufacturer of GOs Xtreme ink is a participant in the Oeko-Tex® group and Xtreme inks conforms to the standard. This is important for those users who are manufacturing and sublimating apparel which will come into direct contact with skin.

Q. Does GOs Xtreme ink qualify as environmentally friendly or green?
A. GOs Xtreme is one of the most environmentally friendly dye sub inks available. Not only is the ink water based, but it is also VOC-free, making the ink much less harmful than solvent inks, eco-solvent, mild solvent inks. Additionally, an important factor is Xtreme is one of the few dye sublimation inks which is APEO-free and adheres to the standards outlined by Oeko-Tex® for apparel. Very few inks adhere to both of these standards—GO Xtreme does.

Q. Why is dot gain control important?
A. Many inks lack good dot gain control which causes the ink to spread when imaged to either the paper or in the transfer process. The end result is an distorted image or unclear image which lacks detail. GOs Xtreme ink has outstanding dot gain control with the ability to image detailed and clear images not available from other ink manufacturers.

Q. Does the use of high quality dyes and pigment colorants improve performance?
A. Xtreme dyes and pigments are world class and offer an extended gamut. Additionally, deep reds, brilliant blues and blacker blacks are available due to using the highest quality dye and pigments. Further, with the offering of textile colors, such as Orange and Blue, Xtreme offers brighter colors with a more extended gamut than others.

Q. Some black dye sub inks seem to have a green or magenta tint--Does Xtreme?
A. GO Xtreme offers true deep black imaging and does not have a green or magenta tint.

Q. How lightfast is GO Xtreme Ink?
A. GO Xtreme ink offers industry leading lightfastness as a result of using the highest quality dyes and pigments.

Q. Does GO recommend special transfer paper for use with Xtreme?
A. Although GO recommends our GO RIO dye sub and Coldenhove dye sub papers, Xtreme works with virtually any dye sub inkjet paper in the business.

Q. Which printers can use GO Xtreme ink?
A. GO Xtreme dye sub ink can be used with any piezo printer, including GO RIOs, EPSON, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland printers. The license agreement under which the ink is sold does not allow us to sell to anyone intending to use the ink on printers with a carriage width less than 42-inches.

Q. Are the GO Xtreme inks offered by Graphics One covered by a patent license?
A. Since starting in the large format dye sublimation business, Graphics One has only sold licensed ink under U.S. Patent No. 5,488,907. Graphics One has a policy of adhering to all international commerce rules, and the offering of Xtreme inks is no exception.

Q. Does the license contain a limit on the printer size in which the inks can legally be used?
A. The licensing agreement states the ink must be used only on inkjet printers with a carriage width of 42-inches or more. As a policy, GO will not sell to anyone who indicates Xtreme inks will be used on a printer with a carriage width less than 42 inches.

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