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SEPIAX Water-Based Resin Ink - 1 Liter

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Product Description

SEPIAX Water-Based Resin Ink - 1 Liter



Quick Overview

• A revolutionary “direct-to-anything” indoor/outdoor environmentally friendly ink.
• SEPIAX is one of the world’s first completely harmless water-based resin ink which can adhere onto uncoated or coated materials.
• All eco-solvent printers with pre-heaters work exceptionally well with SEPIAX ink.
• Available in 4 color options: CMYK.
• At $197.50, SEPIAX ink 1 Liter offers the best price performance in the industry.
• Not your ordinary latex ink--it’s better.

SEPIAX "Direct-to-Anything" Water-Based Resin Ink

  • • Prints on Virtually ANY Substrate*
  • • No Substrate Coating Needed
  • • Water-based with Exceptional Pigment Properties
  • • Eco-Friendly, Odorless, Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable. It’s Green
  • • Ink Usage 30% to 40% Lower Means Less Expensive
  • • Adhesion and Durability Rivaling Eco-Solvent Ink
  • • Outdoor Durability up to Three Years
  • • Clog-Free Formula
  • • Compatible with All EPSON Piezo Printheads
  • • Not Your Ordinary Latex Ink--It’s Better
SEPIAX "Direct-to-Anything" Water-Based Resin Inks
SEPIAX is a revolutionary “direct-to-anything” indoor/outdoor environmentally friendly ink which works with Mutoh, Mimaki, Roland and EPSON printers and on uncoated or coated materials. Using water-based resin, owners of printers with EPSON printheads now have a revolutionary ink solution, without having to invest in a new printer or utilize specially coated substrates.

Establishing an new digital ink standard, SEPIAX prints on virtually any substrate whether coated or uncoated--truly the first “direct-to-anything” ink. Even more astounding, the ink is water-based and environmentally friendly, yet can be used for both indoor and outdoor imaging. Lasting up to three years outdoors without any lamination, SEPIAX ink offers a color gamut nearly identical to OEM eco-solvent inks with pigments which provide excellent lightfastness.

Specifically developed for printers using EPSON piezo printheads, SEPIAX ink works with printers from Mutoh, Mimaki, Roland and EPSON. Working in a similar manner as UV-curable ink, SEPIAX ink employs heat fixation so the ink is fixed on contact with the substrate. Unlike toxic UV-curable inks, SEPIAX contains no hazardous monomers. In addition, the standard preheaters on Mutoh, Mimaki, Roland and some EPSON printers are capable of heating most roll materials to the required temperature with no added modifications. SEPIAX ink adhesion rivals that of eco-solvent ink and since the ink cures on the substrate surface in a manner similar to UV-curable ink, ink usage is typically between 30-50% less than standard OEM ink.

SEPIAX Ink is one of the greenest ink offerings available as a majority of the ink is water. SEPIAX ink is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable and odorless. SEPIAX was recognized recently by the European FESPA show for its environmental leadership and product innovation.

Ideal Applications
SEPIAX ink utilizes a new revolutionary thermal resination process which means the *substrate surface must maintain a temperature of 55° C while printing, this process makes the SEPIAX ink strongly adhere on virtually any substrates without coatings. The SEPIAX can print on any substrates including, but not limited to solvent media, PVC, film, banner, aluminum, metal, wood, cardboard, paper, plastics, tiles, glass, foam core and various types of fabrics such as polyester, cotton, nylon and silks. Application possibilities encompass production of outdoor or indoor graphic signs, banners, flags, POP and POS displays, dye sublimation, car wraps, photo reproduction, floor graphics, tile murals, trade show graphics, sportswear, apparel, fashion textiles, shop awnings, stickers and many other business opportunities.


Q. What makes SEPIAX ink different?
A. Our new ink is the first “direct-to-anything” indoor/outdoor green ink. Can you imagine being able to print on virtually any substrate with an ink which is environmentally friendly, has no smell and no special coating is needed? This ink is now available--a water-based resin ink with almost unlimited applications for use on printers using EPSON piezo printheads.

Q. How does SEPIAX ink work?
A. This water-based resin ink uses heat to cure the imaging. As we say: “Heat it. Print It.,” meaning all a user has to do is make sure the surface of the substrate is heated up to 55 C. Preheaters are standard on all eco-solvent printers, including Mutoh, Mimaki and Roland printers and can heat substrates to this temperature.

Q. What is happens to the ink after it is imaged?
A. SEPIAX water-based ink works very much like uv-curable ink in that the ink actually sits on the surface of the substrate rather than being absorbed. The ink is almost immediately dry to the touch. The binders are like super glue and provides adhesion similar to UV curable ink, UV stability and abrasion resistance similar to what can be expected with eco-solvent inks.

Q. How can the ink use between 30-50% less ink for the same coverage?
A. The ink actually sits on the surface of the image and is not absorbed by the substrate. Based on this fact, less ink is used to cover the same area than other types of inks.

Q. What types of materials can be printed?
A. The ink works with virtually any material in which the substrate surface can be heated to 55 C. Whether it is rigid, flexible, porous, non-porous, non coated or coated materials. The range is almost unlimited and there is nothing proprietary about the substrates.

Q. Which printers does the ink work with?
A. This ink works with any printer using EPSON piezo printheads including Mutoh, EPSON, Mimaki and Roland printers. The printers must have a preheater for the ink to work. The ink is water based which means no internal changes are needed to any of the printers and, there is no need for special solvent resistant parts. Graphics One will provide preheater solutions for those printers needing this capability. Basically this ink can be used on tens of thousands of printers in the market; there is nothing proprietary about the required printer.

Q. What printer preparation is needed prior to installing the new ink?
A. Easy instructions are provided for use with a special flushing and cleaning solution so that either a user or a reseller can ensure the printer is ready for the installation of the new ink.

Q. Is SEPIAX ink a latex ink?
A. No. Like latex, resin is a polymer; however, SEPIAX ink and latex ink vary chemically. SEPIAX ink is latex-free.


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